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UPDATE:November 6, 2021 HAPPY FALL STILL!!!! BIG FISH, (up to 4o pounds) Medium fish, Small fish We have them all and fishing is EEEAAASSSYYY!!! Also PLENY OF BLACKFISH aka Tautog (4 limits landed on October 30) If you were waiting for the right time to go it is NOW. Still the right time (possibly the best time)I absolutely guarantee you will catch fish!!!!!! I have an Instagram account . It is nyharborfishing if you would like to see images. .At this time we are offering FLEX TIME trips Which means you can pick your starting time. Trips are $750.00 for the 4 hour trip. We carry 4 passengers comfortably.We are not offering an open boat at this time. Easiest method is book the day to hold it and text Captain Joe @ 201 725 6755 to pick a start time. Just show up at boat…….. 4 pickup choices Liberty Landing Marina 80 Audrey Zapp Dr. Jersey City, NJ ONLY $7.00 TO PARK…… 17th st and the Hudson River or….. 79th St and the Hudson River ONE Degree Brooklyn Marina @159 Bridge Park DR, Brookln .NY 11201. Docking fees may apply. GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW AVAILABLE: I will email an image of gift certificate. GET OUT IN THE COVID FREE SEA AIR!!! .To Book a trip on a smart phone Go to Nyharborfishing.com upper right corner tap on 3 lines then hit Book Online and pick your time and date. My son Captain Hunter and I will be running the trips. All times are flexible which means if you are an early riser we can start at 6am or 7a or earlier also we are not afraid to stay out late . Pick your time 6,7,8,9pm all ok .You wont be disappointed Should last to mid January. Don’t worry if it gets dark its beautiful city lights You have never seen anything like the City at night. Its mesmerizing. and we have some great night spots to catch fish. Balance can be paid in cash after trip or Ill set it up to pay online.      Striped Bass, and Blackfish are in……

nyharborfishing.com supplies all your fishing needs, rods, bait ,lures, and are crazy about teaching new fishers how to fish.
KIDS: We enjoy the children . They are the future of fishing. Its really important they have a great time.
There is practically no age restrictions and we have life jackets for any age.
Will Kids get bored? There is too much to see : Helicopters, Fire boats, ferry waves to jump for a fun ride. You will go under all the famous bridges and stop to shoot a picture in front of the Statue of Liberty while listening to some interesting facts about Lady Liberty.
No hidden costs, just show up, jump on and off we go. You will see all the NYC iconic sights on the way to and back from the fishing spots .

We are limiting the seating to 4 seats immediate family members can be 6 as a preventive measure and wiping everything down with isopropyl alcohol. Text 201 725 6755.   Also, we supply all your fishing needs, rods, lures, bait, bottled water, and light snacks, rain gear if needed.

HUNTERS: Early duck season starts October 15 thru October 22  Duck Hunt Itinerary: Half day: Arrive 8 am or 12 noon Black River Wildlife Management Area Chester, NJ  Breakfast/Lunch. Gun safety orientation. Sporting clays both standing and shooting from canoe either kneeling or sitting. ( Just a little warm up before duck hunting.) Into the river by canoe one guide one hunter per boat. Mainly jump shooting. That is I paddle in back you shoot at flying ducks from front as ducks spring up. (Generally not easy) Deer Hunts Itinerary: Arrive Black River Wildlife Management Area Chester, NJ 12 noon  Lunch, Bow or gun safety orientation, Introduction to climbing tree stands ( I climb up right beside you and instruct you all the way,) Safety harness provided.  shooting from climbing treestand (get your confidence up for the real thing) Into the woods. (hunt prebaited spots or well known deer trails. Learn how long to wait after the shot, how to blood trail a shot deer,how to field dress a deer.NATURE LOVERS: We are offering fully guided spring/summer 3 hour nature canoe float trips thru the beautiful Black River. See ducks, geese, river otter, beaver, song birds, hawks, hear the coyotes howl. It is a nice quiet trip that is guaranteed to unwind you. $150.00 per person. Waders ,life jackets and cold weather attire supplied.The fishing season runs year round. However, February is the MOST challenging fishing month. We fish seven days a week with trips starting any time with very Reasonable Rates. Additionally, there is usually a spectacular view of the sunset while on a twilight trip!

Fishing trip pickups can be arranged from the Liberty Harbor Marina at 15 Marin Blvd Jersey City, New Jersey 07302, or if needed North Cove Yacht Harbor 225 West St. NY,NY. (additional fee required for North Cove)

CANCELLATION POLICY:         With 2 weeks notice Deposit Refunded or moved to another date. Less than 2 weeks notice: If date is booked by someone else deposit is refunded or moved to another date. If no one takes your date the deposit is forfeited.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: only the captain can decide if the weather is unsafe . I’ve done over 3000 of these trips. I keep it safe. Even when there is a hurricane and the news is scaring people NY Harbor is not the Atlantic Ocean. It is very protected from storm waves and much of the wind.

RAIN IN FORECAST: Generally I do not cancel any trips if the chance of rain DURING THE ACTUAL HOURS OF THE TRIP is less than 60%.  For example: Your trip is 9am to 12noon .. At 10am the forecast calls for 60% chance of rain . You can cancel. However, this determination will be done no longer than 4 hours before your scheduled start time.( This means we cant look at the forecast the day before your trip) It is not accurate enough.

Do you have friends or family coming for a visit? Reserve a trip with NyHarborfishing.com 201 725 6755 today!


Have you ever wondered, what’s it like to go fishing on the NYC Hudson River?

Call: 201-725-6755 

UPDATE:      I supply all your fishing needs, including bottled water and your fishing license.

UPDATE:  Summer fishing is good but Fall fishing is great.  NEW SERVICE : as an avid  hunter ( 3000 hunts to date) I am offering fully guided  hunts for ducks (most adventurous)white tail deer and small game.  ( its NJ hunting apprenticeship program ) What you get: a bow or gun to hunt with, shooting instructions on same day ( it is not hard to shoot a bow) A climbing tree stand ( I climb up with you, includes safety harness) I stay with you through the whole process including finding your prize and preparing it for personal consumption or donation to ” Hunters helping the Hungry” Afternoon hunts one person $300.00 two person $500.00 . All the activities take place on the Black River Wildlife Management area in Chester, NJ.  Also offering canoe float trips for ducks/Geese.      Also, Crow, squirrel, pheasant.    Hunting Season for deer Sept 12 thru Feb 17, 2019.

Also, I am proud to announce that in  101 trips last season  we only went one time with  out catching any fish .    I am now guaranteeing that fish will be caught on all trips.  Pay by Pay Pal, cash, check. Gift certificates also available.

I’ve been  fishing New York Harbor, the East River, and the waters around Manhattan Island as a Charter Boat Captain for over 30 years. My name is Captain Joe Shastay.  Personally I am approaching over 3500 charters.

Bio: Captain Joe Shastay, grew up in Jersey City on the shores of the Hudson River, where at age 5 his dad started him fishing from those shores.

As a teen he probed those shores, digging up bait from the marshes, exploring the shoreline in a series of water-craft from oar powered rubber rafts to his present day 23 foot sea worthy Mako center console. While finishing his Biology degree with an emphasis on Fisheries, Captain Joe worked for an Environmental company called Normandeau  Associates, where he could be found tagging, measuring, and aging Striped Bass from the waters surrounding Manhattan. Another N.Y. State run study involved safely pumping the stomachs of 200 hundred Striped Bass to gain knowledge of their dietary preferences in the Hudson river and the New York Harbor estuary.

Also working as the Fire Captain, on Jersey City’s Fire boat “Lovero” Captain Joe is constantly on the NYC harbor waters. Which equates to a safe, knowledgeable, productive trip for you

The areas that we fish read like a sightseer’s handbook: The Statue of Liberty , where we’ll be catching 28″ – 38″ stripers; and, in front of The United Nations Building, we’ll catch a mix of Bass and Blues with bottom and top water action. The panoramic view of the city is simply incredible. The Brooklyn Bridge, The South Street Seaport and Ellis Island are all within a cast length with our guided tours.

 My tours not only give you the sight seeing . You also get 12 fishing rods to choose from, bait, lures, bottled water..